teaching and training nationwide for over 26 years. 

Research and publications involving Diabetes prevention and management, microcirculation, cardiac arrest and stroke.


  • Corrective Exercises for posture and balance
  • Integrative Medicine and the Anti-Inflammatory diet
  • BEST protocol for Osteoporosis
  • Clients with chronic pain
  • ​Prehab and post-recovery training for Orthopedic surgeries

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​​Mary T. Maher, MS


Fitness for Every body

​​“After working with Mary for several weeks, I knew that I had hit “gold” with her as a personal trainer.  I’ve had 4 personal trainers over time, and Mary is by the far the most knowledgeable and responsive to client needs of anyone I’ve trained with. She modifies exercises and routines according to my ability to participate, but always has the goal of having me get stronger…She is extremely mindful of safety." IT

​"I'm now a more positive person and I am less worried about trying new things. By accommodating my personal physical differences, you have helped bring me out of pain. I look forward to lifting weights and now I have muscles!" SK

“You have such super teaching techniques! Thank you so much…you really helped my confidence a lot!!!” MS

​"Thank you so much for all the charts and information to keep track of progress! It's definitely helpful." AF

"Also, just want to let you know that you are a great teacher. I thought I was insane for signing up. After the first day I didn't think I was gonna make it but here we are! Thanks for all that you do." LC

"I have been working with Mary less than 2 months and I was not expecting such good work and dedication. For more than five years I have been struggling with spine aches, afraid of doing a lot of things, despite of practicing some king of physical exercise almost every day. Today that fear is gone, even when I feel a little bit of pain. I continue doing my exercises (feeling stronger, by the way) but my attitude has changed, thanks to the way Mary deals with the pain. She has always positive thoughts, pushes me forward all the time and she knows exactly the right exercises to help me achieve my goals." AO